Current City [evolo2012]

Here is a project that I developed outside of the academic environment. The energy to articulate and represent architectural ideas is something that I look for in everyday life. The ability to look at human interaction and be inspired to design space is what makes my heart shine, making me happy. This project is about seven months old now and I begin to think, what is the expiration date on architectural ideas? I’ve heard some of my colleagues say that a portfolio should only have a range of 5 years worth of work which is simple to do, but can also be a challenge. If designers aren’t exploring new ideas or looking for inspiration, how will they create quality work worth displaying? However, there are timeless projects that the great designers have formulated and continue to be a source of inspiration. So to all you ‘badass’ designers, here is my attempt to inspire.

I put a lot of work into this project so I am going to call it ‘quality work’ and to ‘keep it fresh’ (like the smell of new leather shoes) here it is open to the public.


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